If you use the same billing codes for certain appointments and/or presenting issues, you can add them to your encounter templates, saving you time when billing for that encounter.

For example, for a well baby visit you could add the assessment and immunization codes to the encounter template. When you use this template these codes will be auto-populated in the Billing section of the encounter.

You can still make adjustments to the billing items, when needed. For example, to include the newborn care episodic fee or to remove one of the immunization codes.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Templates > Encounter.

2. Search (by pressing Ctrl {Cmd}+F ) and select an encounter template from the list.
The New or Edit Encounter Template window appears.

3. Click the Encounter Sections tab and scroll down to the Billing section of the encounter, click Billing to expand the section.

4. To add an insured billing item, click +Add Insured.
The Edit Billing Item window appears.

5. Complete the applicable fields as per usual, adding relevant fee and diagnosis codes. See Creating insured bills from encounters for more information.

6. To add a private billing item, click +Add Private. See Creating private bills for more information

7. Click Save.

Updated: November 2, 2021

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