⚠️ Important: The legacy instant chat is no longer being enabled for our customers. It was a limited beta feature for a limited subset users. We are currently working on a new instant chat, which is available for clinics who would like to be beta users and test this new feature within their organization and provide feedback.

You can use the instant chat to send messages to multiple recipients by starting a new group conversation.

You can access multiple options by clicking the menu icon in a group conversation.

The options are:



New Conversation

Start a new group conversation. See Starting a new group conversation.


Click to view a folder or container of all attachments shared within the conversation.

📌 Note: The maximum size for an individual file upload is 25MB.

Manage Members

Click to add or remove recipients or participants from the conversation. See, Adding or removing recipients from a group conversation.

Rename Conversation

Click to add a subject to your conversation.

📌 Note: The conversation name replaces the name of recipients shown in the chat window.

Leave Conversation

Click to leave the conversation if you no longer want to receive notifications for it. See, Leaving a group conversation.

📌 Note: Others are notified when you leave a conversation.

Updated March 22, 2022

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