Important: Please note that this is currently a beta feature. A few CHR beta users have access to test this feature within their organization and provide feedback. If you would like to be on our list of beta users, please reach out to your CHR support team.

You can use the Manage Members option in a group conversation to easily exclude or include more recipients in a conversation. This allows you better control if a conversation no longer applies to certain recipients, if recipients were added by mistake or when you want to add more recipients to a group conversation.


1. From the main menu, click Chat > Conversations > select the desired conversation.

2. Click the menu icon > Manage Members.

The chat window shows the list of recipients on the left with selection circles. Recipients or participants already included in the conversation are shown at the top with checkmarks next to their names.

3. To exclude or include recipients click their corresponding selection circles.

💡 Tip: The selection circle shows an x for anyone who was already part of the conversation but is now excluded or shows a checkmark for anyone who is newly included or retained in the conversation.

4. Click Update.

📌 Note: When adding new recipients to the conversation, you are asked to verify if they should have access to the conversation's message history.

  • Click Yes to allow new recipients access to complete conversation history, including the messages before they were added.

  • Click No to only allow access to messages that are shared after new recipients are added.

The recipients are added or removed from the conversation. The chat window displays who was included or excluded and by whom.

Updated October 20, 2021

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