Important: Please note that this is currently a beta feature. A few CHR beta users have access to test this feature within their organization and provide feedback. If you would like to be on our list of beta users, please reach out to your CHR support team.

You can easily remove one of your unwanted messages from a conversation. This is useful when a message was sent in error, e.g. sent in the wrong conversation, or if you want to delete the message, recompose it and send it again.

💡 Tips:

⚠️ Important: You can only delete your own sent messages.


1. From the main menu, click Chat > Conversations > select the desired conversation.

2. Within the conversation, click the message you want to delete.

3. At the top of the chat window, click Delete.

The message is immediately deleted from the conversation.

Updated October 21, 2021

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