Streamline Referral Record Creation

We've listened to the feedback from front desk staff users regarding referral record creation and delivered a shortcut to help reduce the workload.

Please see below the animated GIF which shows how there is a new direct referral creation button from an incoming fax in your Inbox. 

We also split the screen 50/50 so you can easily scroll on the referral fax while creating it.  

Patient Data Auto Expand

Patient data has the flexibility and customizability to be practical for a wide variety of specialities and practice types. However, we've heard that there can be a feeling of information overload on presentation of patient data. 

As such, we've created an optional "Auto Expand" feature which works on a user level and remembers what the user prefers to be automatically expanded versus automatically collapsed. This way you can customize your view to your specific user needs.

Setting for Signature Caption Text
By default, our previous version of IH includes a sub-caption text under signatures which places the name and date signed directly below.

Some clinics have asked for this to be a configurable option, as they have front desk staff who create forms on behalf of clinicians. We've responded accordingly.

^ Find the setting above in the Form Template editor. ^


  • Fix applied to help with PDF scrolling within Google Chrome (a bug that was recently introduced by Chrome's latest version)

  • Fix applied related to prescription/medication ordering based on date

  • Fix applied for Case Management function having timeouts for cases with lots of data

  • Indexing added to optimize speed view of Patient Index page on load

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