• Display Appointment Notes on Scheduler When One Exists (Opt-in Feature). 

  • Important: The note will display in place of the service type.

  • Please contact InputHealth support if you’d prefer to see this as the default setting on your account.


  • Within the Forms section, there is now a receipt of what phone number a fax was sent to and when. The information is all viewable via a handy Fax history pop-up.


  • We’ve updated our Prescriptions to include a timestamp in addition to the date. The timestamp will also be applied retroactively to all previously written prescriptions.


  • We’ve made the usage of Forms a bit friendlier within the Encounter by adding the quick print button to generated PDF’s and re-arranging the order so that attachments is now under prescriptions.

  • You can now choose to skip all instances of the patient data confirmation modal that appears when patients update their own Patient Data.

  • Having the Encounter Template modal pop up at the start of an Encounter can also be disabled for users that aren’t utilizing templates.

User Preferences 

  • You can now assign yourself a Primary Assistant to help with items such as scheduling and tasks:

Message Templates 

  • We’ve added Messaging Templates that can easily be used to send recurring messages. You can set a default recipient or assign to your Personal Assistant. If your personal assistant is ever updated, the template will not need changing.

  • Quickly forward one of your Inbox items to your Personal Assistant using a Message Template containing your pre-configured quick actions.

  • Or generate a new message using one of the templates you’ve created.

  • You can even rely upon your message templates within an existing conversation.

At InputHealth we strive to constantly bring innovation and support to our CHR platform and look forward to sharing with you the next update. One of our goals is to keep you informed on how you and your clinic can take full advantage of all InputHealth’s product features.

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