InputHealth is excited to announce that we have added several new product features and corrected some minor bugs within our Collaborative Health Record (CHR) platform. Below you will find the supporting information and where required instructions on how to take advantage of the new updates.


Import & Exporting CSV Files 

  • Import Patient DataYou can now use a CSV file to easily import ANY data point you want associated with a patient by associating it with an existing patient identification, or one you’ve defined on a previous patient import.Visit Settings -> Data Import then select “New Template” to configure the columns with your CSV.When configuring the import template, be sure to follow the outlined steps

  • When a patient data value is selected, click the cog wheel and assign the value for that column.

The key columns for associating the data with your patient are “Patient’s Primary Identification” OR “Original Patient Data ID” and “Original Patient Data Type.”

  • NOTE: You can only use “Original Patient Data ID” and “Original Patient Data Type” if you’ve previously imported the patient using InputHealth’s Data Import Tool.

  • Let’s say you previously imported “Bart Simpson” and “Lisa Simpson” as patients via CSV and InputHealth’s importer tool. If you assigned values to “Orignal Data ID” and “Original Data Type”, you can now use those columns to find those patients in InputHealth’s database and assign a value to them.

  • Now when you create your Patient Data Import Template, you can use those values as a reference point. Or, you can simply use the Primary ID Value found in the patient’s chart

  • We hope this gives you a brief overview of what’s possible with InputHealth’s Data Import tool, but if it’s your first time using the feature, we suggest getting a representative to walk you through your initial configuration.

Facilities & Contacts Section 

  • We’ve added some additional “Occupation” options to the Facilities & Contacts section. Selecting “Physician” or “Naturopathic Physician” now allows you to specify the “Medical Specialty”

Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed a bug that caused some some users to report instances where the Forms feature multi-select was unselectable

  • For Encounters with lots of data, selecting “All Encounters” caused the Patient’s name to block out some of the pertinent data.

At InputHealth we strive to constantly bring innovation and support to our CHR platform and look forward to sharing with you the next update. One of our goals is to keep you informed on how you and your clinic can take full advantage of all InputHealth’s product features.

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