Less Clicking for Referral Record Creation

We've heard your feedback that creating a referral record has too many steps. To help reducing some of the clicking we've enabled the opportunity to produce default statuses and priorities which can be configured in your Administration settings under Referrals. 

Under Priorities and Statuses you can simply click on "DEFAULT" which will toggle that respective priority or status to automatically be chosen.


Great news for our Interior Health Authority users in British Columbia. We've achieved integration with the HL7 interface to support labs and hospital reports to stream into your inbox. This can be configured under "LABS" in your administrative settings.


  • Increased stability of SMS outgoing messages for certain priority message types

  • A bug fix for appointment's temporarily disappearing from the calendar when a Qnaire response is received 

  • Fixed error on user log generation

  • Third party billing items accept "mark as complete"

  • Misc. fixes for import feature

  • Support decimals for Quantity field on a Private Bill

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