InputHealth is excited to announce the addition of several new product features and the implementation of some minor bug fixes within our Collaborative Health Record (CHR) platform. Below you will find the supporting information and where required, instructions on how to take advantage of the new updates.


  • Supporting Snoozing of Messages: A message can be snoozed until a certain date/time. After which, it will pop up into the Inbox again.

    From your Inbox, you can now access your Snoozed messages via the Snooze tab. You can also now Snooze messages upon creation. 

  • Default Permissions: Now as a default, Practitioners do not have access to 'Edit Qnaires.' Prior to this, Qnaire access had to be removed from every single new practitioner as they were added in to the system.

  • Letters: When creating a letter outside of an Encounter, you can now add a Signature (without having to sign it in the Encounter first)!

At InputHealth we strive to constantly bring innovation and support to our CHR platform and look forward to sharing with you the next update. One of our goals is to keep you informed on how you and your clinic can take full advantage of all InputHealth’s product features.

Your InputHealth Team!

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