InputHealth is excited to announce the addition of several new product features and the implementation of some minor bug fixes within our Collaborative Health Record (CHR) platform. Below you will find the supporting information and where required, instructions on how to take advantage of the new updates.


  • Permissions Update: Scheduling Settings and Scheduling: Vacation (booking vacations/Off-Time — including off-time from calendar) are now separate permissions.

  • Permissions Update: See below for a list of the default permissions for Staff/Practitioners.

     Inbox, Outbox, Schedules, Patients, Contacts, Referrals, Folders, Point of Care App Access, Public Billings, Private Billings
    STAFF - Settings Permissions:
     Schedule Off-Time (NEW)

     Inbox, Outbox, Schedules, Patients, Contacts, Referrals, Folders, Edit Unlocked Answer Sheets, Point of Care App Access, Create Prescriptions, Create Encounters, Public Billings, Private Billings
    PRACTITIONER - Settings Permissions:
     Schedule Off-Time (NEW), User Contents Settings, Manage Lab Integration

  • Scheduling Setting Update: When deleting an Appointment Type, the following confirmation dialogue will come up:

    'WARNING: Deleting an appointment type may result in unexpected results and disable components of your scheduling system. Do not continue without full knowledge of potential risks.'

    'Are you sure you want to continue?'

  • Contacts: Added "Nurse Practitioner" as an Occupation in Contacts.

  • Lab: Lab imports now available.

  • Identifications: Support for Manitoba Health identification format is now available (e.g. flexible fields).

Bug Fixes:

  • Chrome Book: The Start/Open button on the Patient Chart now responds to touch. User Avatar (on the top left corner used for log off and privacy mode) now responds to touch.

  • Date of Birth Box (Android Tablet): When accessing InputHealth from an Android tablet, you can now enter a date of birth when creating a patient. 

  • Message History: Sending a message to another person will now show the correct recipient (rather than looking like it was sent to yourself).

At InputHealth we strive to constantly bring innovation and support to our CHR platform and look forward to sharing with you the next update. One of our goals is to keep you informed on how you and your clinic can take full advantage of all InputHealth’s product features.

Your InputHealth Team!

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