The patient summary view of the patient chart summarizes important information about the patient. The summary appears when you open a patient chart and may show the following sections, depending on how you configured your summary. It is a great way for providers to navigate a patient chart. The patient summary remains visible when you are within an encounter.



Active Medications

The patient's current medications.

Admin Notes

Any important notes added to the patient chart.


The patient's allergies.


The patient's recent appointments.

Care Team

People involved in delivering care to the patient.


Most recent encounter notes.

Family History

Medical history of the patient's family.


Documents and files that were saved in the patient chart.


Forms that were added to the patient chart.

Goals of Care

The patient's health goals.


The patient's immunizations.

Lab Results

The patient's most recent lab results. You can select which results to display in the summary.

Medical History

The patient's medical history.


Messages related to the patient.

Patient Data

The patient's demographic data, vitals, and any custom patient data that you configured in your sytem. You can select which data to display in the summary.


Referrals for the patient.

Risk Factors

The patient's risk factors.

Surgical History

The patient's surgical history.


1. Open the patient chart.

2. At the top of the chart, click the Summary icon.

mouse over summary button at top of the patient chart

3. To expand a section, click the section header. To collapse or fold the section, click the header again.

4. To view details about a section and add or edit items within the section, click the details arrow on the right side of the header.

5. To print what appears on the summary view, at the bottom of the window, click Print.

Updated April 8, 2021

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