At some point, you may be required to change a form in your system that is completely different from the original form.  In these cases, you will need to archive the original form before you upload a new one to your system. Archiving the form preserves any and all forms in patient's charts that ever used that specific form template.  

  1. Settings

  2. Templates

  3. Form (button)

  4. Click on eye icon to start the "archive" process

Confirm you intention to archive the form

After you confirm the request, the form will be appear faint (this means it is now archived) and will not appear in the form drop down list when creating a new form on patient chart but any forms created in patient's charts from this form will still be accessible. 

  1. The "eye" icon will restore the form back to the drop down list

  2. The red "garbage bin" icon will permanently delete the form from the system INCLUDING any/all forms in patient's chart that used this form.

If you have any questions regarding forms, archiving and deleting please contact our support department.

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