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Adding pop-up notes to patient charts

Use administrative notes to capture important reminders about patients

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To provide anyone who opens a patient chart with important information about the patient, add an admin note to the patient's chart. For example, if the patient works nights, you may want to add a note to not telephone them before 11am. Or, you may want to add a note to discuss a specific topic with the patient during the next encounter. This is also where you can manually document family relationships with other patients in your clinic.

You can mark the note as important so that it appears as a pop up when anyone books an appointment for the patient or opens their chart.

When the note is no longer needed as a pop up, select the Do not show this message again checkbox or open the note and clear the Mark as Important check box. 


1. Open the patient dashboard (see Navigating the patient dashboard).

2. In the Latest Notes dashboard widget, click New Note.

3. Enter the details of the notes, using the following table as reference:




Type a descriptive title.


Type detailed information about the note.

💡 Tip: If you mark the note as important, do not leave this field blank. This information appears in the pop-up note when booking an appointment for the patient.

💡 Tip: If you are using the note to document family relationships, you can include the family member’s CHR chart URL in the note so you can quickly go to their chart. To get the family member's chart URL, navigate to their chart and copy the URL from the top of your Chrome browser.

Mark as Important

Select if the note is important and you want it to appear in a pop-up window when you open the chart and book an appointment.

Mark as Private

Select to make the note visible only to the author.

Start Date

End Date

Choose a start and/or end date to show the note only during a limited time frame.

4. Click Save.

5. To edit the note, click it within the patient dashboard.

Updated February 24, 2023

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