If you receive a fax or a lab result for a patient that does not yet exist in your TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you can easily add them when you process their incoming document or result.

⚠️ Important: Before adding the new patient, search your CHR database by both name and ID number to avoid creating duplicates.


1. In your Inbox, open the fax or lab result. If the CHR cannot automatically match the document to a patient, a warning appears at the top.

2. To search for the patient:

a) Click the magnifying glass icon. Search by both Name and ID.

b) If the matching patient appears in the list, click the patient name to assign the document to the patient.

3. If you cannot find the patient, click Create Patient. A demographics window opens, where you can enter patient's information, while scrolling through the body of the document.

💡 Tip: If both windows do not open side by side, fully expand your web browser window. You can also zoom out (based on your browser) to see more of the page at a time. 

4. Click Save. The document is assigned to the patient.

Updated June 7, 2021

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