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To save you time when prescribing, add the patient's preferred pharmacy within the patient dashboard.

This enables you to add the pharmacy contact information within the header of the patient's prescriptions when you generate a PDF prescription. This also automatically populates the pharmacy's fax number (if entered in your contacts database) when you fax a prescription.


1. Open the patient dashboard (see Navigating the patient dashboard).

2. In the Preferred Pharmacy widget, click Update Information.

3. Search for the pharmacy from your contacts database and click the pharmacy.

💡 Tip: If the pharmacy is not yet in your contacts database, click Create New Contact.

The pharmacy appears within the dashboard widget.

4. To remove the preferred pharmacy, click the x on the right and then click Ok to confirm you want to remove the patient's preferred pharmacy.

5. To change the preferred pharmacy, click Update Information and select a different pharmacy.

Updated February 22, 2022

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