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Marking messages and inbox items as urgent
Marking messages and inbox items as urgent

How to mark an Inbox message as "urgent"

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You can mark messages and other inbox items as urgent to make them stand out for the recipient, creating a higher priority than other inbox items. A red flag appears next to the sender's name and a red Urgent banner appears next to the title.

You can mark following inbox items as urgent:

  • Faxes

  • Failed faxes

  • Internal messages

  • Integrated labs

  • Documents/files

By default, your inbox shows urgent items first, but you can change this order (see Sorting the inbox).

📌 Note: If you receive an urgent message, you see a pop-up notification saying you have an urgent inbox message. Click the pop-up to go directly to the message.

To send a new urgent message, at the bottom of your new message, select the Mark as Urgent check box.

To mark messages already in your inbox as urgent, click the item and, from the bottom bar, click Mark Urgent.

💡 Tip: To remove the Urgent flag from a message, click Unmark Urgent.

Updated June 21, 2022

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