Do you find yourself constantly having to select your medical office assistant when sending messages and/or tasks? We will outline here how to configure a primary assistant which defaults for all new messages you send.

  1. Click on the SETTINGS link after you have logged in to your InputHealth account. You can find this on the left sided menu bar as in the image below

2. Scroll down until you find the option for "PROFILE"

3. Scroll down until you see "USER PREFERENCES" 

You will see an option called Primary Assistant where there is a dropdown menu for you to select your go-to person for assigning messages/tasks. 

NOTE: Select your Primary Assistant. If you only select your primary assistant but do not hit off the "Apply by default to all new messages to users" checkbox, you will find that your Primary Assistant is only default selected when using the Quick Message functionality. 

If you select the "Apply by default to all new messages to users" checkbox, then every new message regardless of whether it is a Quick Message or not will default be directed towards your primary assistant. 

4. Make sure to click "SAVE PREFERENCES" (as below)

5. As is the case for any change of Settings, make sure to refresh the browser to apply the changes live to your current session. 

If you have trouble with this setting, ping us on Intercom and we would be happy to support you! 

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