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Patient Messages Overview (Analytics)
Patient Messages Overview (Analytics)
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An overview of messages sent directly to patients from the CHR.


  • Message Title: the entered title of the message to the patient. This can be free text added each time, or if using templates, the title can be templated

  • Date Sent: the date the message was sent to the patient


Messages Sent

This bar graph will show you the number of messages sent to patients by date, broken down by read versus unread as blue versus red lines. You will also find the total number of messages sent in the date range on the right hand side. 

Unread Messages By Provider

This bar graph will show the number of unread messages sent broken down by provider who sent the message. To the right of this graph you will find a similar graph that shows a count of the total messages sent by each provider. As well, a pie chart to the bottom right hand side will show you the percentage of messages read versus unread.

Message By Title

This bar graph will show you the count of messages sent by message title. If you hover over each bar, you will see the name of the title. 

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