Audit dashboard

Overview of actions performed by users in your clinic

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The Audit analytics dashboard allows you to track actions performed by your clinic users that are associated with a patient, such as viewing, creating or deleting a patient record, adding information to the patient chart, creating an appointment, etc. Some automatic actions, like sending notifications to patients, are also included in the report.

To learn more about how to use the Analytics module, see Analytics dashboards.


By default, the dashboard displays all actions for the last 7 days. Use the filters to view more or less actions.




Name of the user that performed the action.

Record Type

Type of item on which the action was performed (Appointment, Patient, etc.). Defaults to is not blank.

InputHealth ID

Unique ID assigned to the patient.

Patient Name

Full name of the patient.


Date or period during which the action was performed. Defaults to is in the last 7 days.


Time (hour) at which the action was performed.


Weekday on which the action was performed.

For more information on how to use filters, see Filtering analytics dashboards.



List of patients for which actions were performed. Their ID, full name, age, phone number and email address are displayed. The total number of patients is indicated on the right-hand side.

💡 Tip: Click the ID, then the Patient Chart link to open the patient chart.

Audit Trail

Detailed information on actions performed. This report allows you to see which user performed what action on patient charts.

Updated February 25, 2022

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