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Provider / User Inbox Audit
Provider / User Inbox Audit
Overview of messages, faxes, appointment, encounters, referrals, files, and qnaires created by user / provider and incomplete items.
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  • Date: Record created date applied to all reports.  Defaults to the last 30 days.

  • Provider (Appt, Encounter, Referrals, Files, Fax, Qnaires): Provider / user applied to all reports except messages.

  • Messages Sent By:  Provider / user applied to all message reports.

  • Message Received By:  Provider / user applied to all message reports.

  • Referal Direction (Incoming/Internal/Outgoing):  Applied to all referral reports.  Direction defaults to filter out Outgoing.

  • Referral Status:  Applied to all referral reports.

Messages:  Lists internal messages received by created date, all unread messages, and patient secure messages by date sent.
Faxes:  Lists faxes sent and failed by created date.
Appointments / Encounters:  Lists appointment and visits by created date and all unsigned encounters.
Referrals:  Lists referrals by created date and all open referrals.
Files:  Lists files (faxed or scanned) and labs created by provider and all unread files.
Qnaires:  Lists qnaires sent by provider / user by created date.

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