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Practice Profile Embedded View (Family Practice example)
Practice Profile Embedded View (Family Practice example)

Profile embedded will automatically filter to the logged in user. Embedded views are customized per domain.

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Accessing the Practice Profile:

  1. Click on the Patients module.

  2. Click on the Analytics toggle/view (eye icon).

  3. The filters will default to the logged in user.  Providers are not required to change their filters.  MOA staff will need to remove the provider ID and enter their providers in the Provider Name filter.

  4. Click Run

Unsigned Encounters:

All unsigned encounters with totals are listed in a table view.  Any field header can be sorted by clicking (in the below example the seen date is being sorted).
To pull up the encounter in a separate tab (leaving the report open) click the "..." beside Visit Link and click Encounter.
To pull up the patient chart in a separate tab (leaving the report open) click the "..." beside Patient Link and click Patient Chart.


Signed Encounters Without Billing:  Listing all signed encounters without billing on the date of service.
Outstanding Billing By Status:  Lists the accounts receivable by status.

Billing (Additional Detail):

Billing Last Four Weeks:  Billing by service date over the last four weeks for all provincial and third party agencies.
Outstanding Billing by Status:  All billing with an outstanding balance that do not have the status completed or cancelled.

  • Attention: rejected provincial claims to be corrected or written off

  • Draft: draft claims to be corrected and changed to ready to submit

  • Held: held provincial claims that should be processed in the future

  • Ready: ready claims will be sent in the next provincial submission

  • Submitted: submitted provincial claims that will be processed in the next reconcile

Accounts Receivable:  Accounts receivable tiers including <30 days, 30-60 days, 60-90 days, 90-180 days, 180-365 days and > 1 year.
Signed Encounters Missing Billing By Month:  Any signed encounters that do not have billing linked to the encounter or any billing on that service date.  These encounters should be pulled up and reviewed.
Accounts Receivable Report:  Report on accounts receivable including provincial and third parties.  Billing can be pulled up by clicking "..." beside Payment Link then Bill.  To download the report click the vertical "..." and select Download Data.

Practice Profile:

Primary Care Patients:  All patients flagged as the primary practitioner.
Appointment Types:
 Patients seen by appointment type.
Presenting Issues:  Patients seen by presenting issue (if not blank).
Age:  Primary care patients by age.
Gender:  Primary care patients by gender.
Online Booking:  Percentage of patients booking online.

Secure Patient Messages:

Messages By Title:  Patient Message by title and if read/unread.
Total Messages:
 Percentage of read/unread of messages sent.

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