Patient embedded view

Analytic embedded view is viewable from the patient summary screen and are customized per domain.

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Accessing the Patient Embedded View:

  1. Turn on your summary screen.

  2. If you are not showing the Embedded View click + Add Section and then select Embedded View

Below are some examples of different embedded views:

Lab Results:

Automatically filters for abnormal lab results in the last 180 days (easy to copy and past into the visit note). Filters can be changed to for lab names, dates and abnormality.


Framingham cardiac risk is calculated using patients demographics, last examination and lab results values.  

Complex / Preventive Care:

The below example finds patients categorized by age, sex, and active problems.  It finds the categories and lets the provider know the date last done and if they are noncompliant.  The below patient has diabetes and is due for a foot and optometrist exam.  Since the patient is a male over 50 he is also noncompliant for colon screening, influenza and physical activity advice.

Appointments / Billing:

The below example is finding certain appointment types and billing codes.

Updated July 22, 2022

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