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Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) From Appointments
Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) From Appointments

An analytic dashboard that gives an overview of patient reported outcome measures from Qnaire scores based on appointment data.

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  • Qnaire: name of the Questionnaire 

  • Appointment Type: name of the appointment type associated with the appointment (Consultation, Follow Up, etc.)

  • Appointment Date: date the appointment was scheduled for (can be filtered for a range of dates for the past or future)

  • Provider: the service provider/clinician the appointment was booked under

  • Days since appointment: days passed since the appointment

  • Appointment Status: status since booking the appointment (confirmed/cancelled/no show etc)

  • Presenting Issue: the health concern of the patient  when the appointment was scheduled

  • Age: age of the patient


These tiles display the count of total appointments in the selected timeframe , total Qnaires answered by patients and the average score of Qnaires.

Outcome Percentage Over Time

This tile measures the Qnaire scores over a period of time starting from before the appointment to a date in the future.

Average Score by Provider

This tile displays Qnaire scores over time starting from before the appointment to a selected tier of days after the appointment.

Appointment Totals by Provider

The bar provides an overview of a count of appointments by each practitioner the appointment was booked under.

Totals by appointments Task

The pie chart shows a break up of appointment types that were booked in the timeframe 

Age Tier 

The pie chart displays the percentage of patients seen in different age ranges


The pie chart visualizes the ratio of patients seen by gender.


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