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Patient Reported Outcome Measures PROMs From Referrals
Patient Reported Outcome Measures PROMs From Referrals
An analytic dashboard displaying patient reported outcome measure scoring over time based on booked referrals.
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  • Qnaires: the name of the Qnaire for which you would like to understand patient reported outcomes 

  • Appointment/Surgery Date: date of the booked appointment

  • Surgery/Appointment Type: the type of the booked appointment 

  • Referral Status: the status of referral (Accepted/Letter sent/waitlist/rejected etc)

  • Service Provider: name of the service provider/practitioner associated with the referral

  • Waitlist: name of the waitlist the referral is associated to

  • Priority: the priority associated with the referral (e.g. High, Medium, Low)

  • Appointment Status: the current status of the appointment (being seen, confirmed, cancelled etc) 

  • Presenting Issue: the name of the presenting issue linked to the appointment

  • Referral Type: filter by the type of referral (Incoming/Internal/Outgoing)

  • Age: filter by age of patients


This tile displays the number of appointments that have been booked from referrals, total Qnaires completed and the average score of the Qnaires.

Outcome Percentages over Time

The bar chart show the difference in Qnaire scores over a period of time based on appointments

Average Scores by Priority

The line graph represents the change in average scores based on referral priority (high, medium, low etc) starting from before the appointment to a few tier days after.

Average Outcomes over time and Average Score by Provider

These tiles display the changes in score averages over a period of time (starting from the first appointment to a few days/months after the appointment).
The line graph depicts the variation in average scores associated to a specific provider user. Each service provider corresponds to a different colour.

Appointment Totals by Priority/ Total by Appointment Task/ Appointment Total by Waitlist

Appointment Totals by Priority: These dashboards help summarize appointments by referral priority (High, Low etc)

Total by Appointment Task: Displays totals by Type of appointment (Initial consult, Follow-up, Walk-in etc)

Appointment Total by Waitlist: The last bar graph displays waitlist times by waitlist name 

Age Tier and Gender

This bar graph displays the number of patients by age range.

The pie chart displays the ratio of patients by gender.

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