Similar to other sections of the platform, you can filter your view in Pathways by using the Filter menu at the top of the screen.

Filter by Location

To filter by location, click the filter menu at the top of the screen to display the filter options. Select a location from the drop down menu and click ‘Save’ to apply the filter.

Filter by Practitioner

To filter by appointment practitioner or primary physician, select one or more practitioners from the list of practitioners in the drop down menus and click ‘Save’ to apply the filter.

Customize Displayed Contents

To customize your view of the contents on each patient ticket, use the contents section of the filter. Select one of more if the items you want to display on the patient tickets in Pathways.

‘Virtual’ Filter

Click the ‘Virtual’ filter button to display virtual visits only in Pathways.

‘Only My Patients’ Filter

Click the ‘Only My Patient’s filter button to only display patients that are booked for an appointment with you in Pathways.

Switching Between Multiple Pathways

If you use multiple Pathways, click on the Pathway title to switch to another Pathway. Once selected, the Pathway will be displayed.

More on using Pathways can be found here.

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