The Vigilance Santé Portal will provide you with:

  • Further details for each alert/interaction (by clicking on the alert)

  • Further information on each prescribed medication such as specific drug dosing, side effects, contraindications, etc.

To access the Vigilance Santé Portal from within the CHR:

  1. From Prescription/ Mediations Screen (middle section), click Full Report
    This will take you to the Vigilance Santé Portal providing you with further details on each interaction reported.


  1. From Prescription/ Mediations Screen (middle section), click on a specific Alert.

To access a medication monograph from the Vigilance Santé Portal:

  1. Click on a specific medication to show you the medication monograph.

To access the main Vigilance Santé web portal page:

  1. Click on the icon on the left of Perspectives Profile Analysis

From the main Vigilance Santé portal you can

  • Search for any medication using the search bar

  • Navigate to any of the additional tools or reference sections as indicated below

Last updated: December 2020

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