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Navigating the Vigilance Santé website
Navigating the Vigilance Santé website
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If interaction alerts appear while prescribing, you can quickly access the Vigilance Santé website by clicking an alert. Once the website opens in your browser, you can see more information about the interactions, and other information such as full medication monographs, top 10 side effects, and dosing recommendations.


1. From the alerts panel in the prescription writer, click an alert or click the Full Report button to open the Vigilance Santé website.

2. Like in the CHR, alerts are listed in order of severity. Alerts often include a link to learn more, sometimes including patient handout.

3. The top 10 side effects for this patient's medications are displayed. Click the icon at the top right of the list to view a complete list of side effects.

4. Click a medication from the list on the right to view its monograph. Here you can read about adverse effects, dosages, precautions, interactions, and more.

5. To access the Vigilance Santé home page, click the logo to the left of Perspectives Profile Analysis.

From here you can search for any medication, and access other tools and information available from Vigilance Santé.

6. When you are finished, close the Vigilance Santé browser windows and return to your prescription in the CHR.

Updated September 24, 2021

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