If your TELUS Collaborative Health Record is set up for preventive care tracking, from the Summary area of a patient's chart, you can track compliance on a number of preventive care measures. If the patient is due (i.e., non-compliant) for a preventive care test or vaccine, the item is flagged with a yellow background.

When you send patients for tests, receive test results, or administer/record vaccines, in the Preventive Care area, you update the corresponding item with the test/vaccine date. This way, the patient is no longer flagged as requiring the test or vaccine.


1. Open the patient's chart and navigate to the summary area (at the top of chart, click the Summary icon).

2. Expand the Preventive Care section. A list of preventive care tests and vaccines display.

💡 Tip: Don't see the Preventive Care section? No problem! You can customize your summary view to display this section. See Customizing the patient summary view.

3. To update a preventive care test or vaccine, click the item.

4. Using the following table, update the item, and then click Save.

📌 Note: The data fields available differ for each preventive care measure.




If the patient received this test or vaccine, record the received date.

Date Ordered

If you ordered the test for the patient, but the patient hasn't yet gone for it, record the ordered date here.

Date Notified


If you notified the patient that they're due for this vaccination, but they haven't yet received the vaccine, record the notification date.

Refused Date


If the patient refused the vaccination, record the date of refusal.



If a patient refused the vaccination, record the reason for refusal.

Excluded Date

If you're excluding the patient from this test or vaccine, select the date.

Excluded Reason

If you're excluding the patient from this test or vaccine, in the drop-down list select the reason.

Note: The available reasons are based on Ontario guidelines.

Updated April 2, 2022

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