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Flagging patients as FHO, FHG or FHN enrolled (Ontario)
Flagging patients as FHO, FHG or FHN enrolled (Ontario)

Flag patients as enrolled to include them in preventive care reports and analytics

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If you track preventive care measures for Family Health Organization (FHO), Family Health Group (FHG) and/or Family Health Network (FHN) patients, as long as you flag patients as enrolled in the appropriate program, you can produce preventive care reports for these patients.


1. Open the patient's chart.

2. If the Enrollment status area is available in the chart header, click this area (see Adding FHO, FHG and FHN enrollment status to chart headers (Ontario)). Otherwise, open the chart Summary, expand the Patient Data area, and then expand and click the Enrollment area.

The enrollment window opens.

3. Beside Status, select the program the patient is enrolled in (for example, FHO Enrolled).

4. Beside Enrollment Date, select the date the patient's enrollment began.

5. Click Save.

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