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BC Teleplan Service Location Code (SLC) changes
BC Teleplan Service Location Code (SLC) changes

March 31, 2021

Updated over a week ago

In response to Teleplan’s changes to the Service Location Code (SLC), we have updated the CHR Payment System with the new codes. Changes will take place on April 1, 2021. Old codes will be phased out gradually until October 1, 2021.

For more information on Teleplan’s Service Location Code (SLC), please visit their website here.

📌 Note:

  • Teleplan will accept claims under the old SLC's until October 1, 2021.

As the new SLC's are introduced, and the old ones phased out, you will see the following notifications in the CHR Payment System:

  • During the phase-out period (April 1 - October 1), you will see a notification on claims with old SLC's - Service location 'A' will be discontinued on 2021/Oct/01.
    To prevent having discontinued codes on file at a later stage, we recommend that you select a new SLC at this point,

  • After October 1, Teleplan will not accept claims with old SLC's. You will see a notification that the SLC has been discontinued. Claims with the old SLC's will not be submitted.

If you have any questions about the updates to the CHR Payment System, reach out to the CHR support team.

Scheduled time of update: Evening of March 30th, 2021

No preparation is required by site users in advance of the update. All CHR update activities are managed by InputHealth via a zero-downtime rolling deployment in the CHR’s cloud infrastructure, which allows the system to operate without interruption of service during updates.

No data migration will be required as part of this update.

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