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Defining a care team for a patient
Defining a care team for a patient
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A patient care team is a collection of health care providers who provide care for a patient. For example, a care team may include a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a physiotherapist, a social worker, a mental health worker, and a pharmacist. The providers within the patient's care team can be within your own organization or external (contacts in your address book).

Defining a care team for a patient aids in communication, sharing of information, and collaboration between the providers. When you create a letter, you can easily send a copy (CC) to all or some of the care team members.

When you define a care team, you specify each person's role (such as social worker). For information about creating new roles, see Creating care team roles.


1. Open the patient dashboard (see Customizing the patient dashboard).

2. In the Care Team dashboard widget, click Add Care Team Member.

3. Under Member, click to add a member to the team.

4. To add a contact that is external to your clinic, click Contact and search for the person's name. Click the name from the list.

5. To add a provider within your organization, click Practitioner, search for the provider and select them from the list.

6. In the Role field, click to choose the person's role in the care team.

💡 Tip: If the role of the provider does not exist, you can add it. See Creating care team roles.

7. Click Save. The provider is added to the care team.

8. To add another provider, repeat steps 2-7.

Updated February 12, 2022

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