The Social History section of the health profile enables you to record personal information about the patient's substance use, occupation & education, living environment, lifestyle, and other social habits that could affect the patient's care.

💡 Tip: Entering dates for profile items is optional. You can enter partial dates, such as only the year, month and year, or a life stage.


1. Open the health profile from the patient's chart using one of the following methods:

2. Expand the Social History profile section.

3. To add a new item, click the +.

health profile with social history section expanded

4. Fill in the fields, using the following table as reference. The fields available depend on the type of social that you select.




Select the category. Choose from Substance Use, Occupation and Education, Living Environment, Lifestyle, and Other.


Depending on the type you selected, you may be prompted to select a sub-type (such as the type of substance used).

Life stage / Start date / End date /

Age at onset

Enter a life stage, specific date, or age of onset and resolution for this problem.

Other fields

You are prompted to complete fields that are related to the type and sub-type you selected.

Risk factor

Select to identify the profile item as a risk. Items selected appear in the list of patient risk factors (see Viewing patient risk factors).


Enter any additional information.

use, smoking selected

5. Click Save. The new item is added to the list.

6. To view or edit details about an item, click it.

7. To delete an item, click the trash icon.

8. To view an item's history, click the history icon.

Updated May 31, 2021

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