You can send a customised email or SMS notification to a patient when hey are referred to your clinic, informing them about their referral status.

This specific action can be added to an incoming referral statuses. See Configuring incoming referral statuses.

The following referral notifications can be customized:

  • Referral Request Accepted,

  • Referral Request Received,

  • Referral Request Rejected.

The default message (email and SMS) for the notifications are:


Default message

Referral Request Accepted

Dear <patient_full_name>,

We have accepted your referral to be seen by <referred_provider> from <ordering_provider>.
We will be in contact about scheduling your appointment.
Kind regards,
<business_name> Staff

Referral Request Received

Dear <patient_full_name>,

We have received a referral for you from <ordering_provider> and have added you to our waitlist.
There is no action required from you at this time. We will be in contact should your referral status change.

Kind regards,
<business_name> Staff

Referral Request Rejected

Dear <patient_full_name>,

We regret to inform you that we are unable to accept referrals at this time.
Kind regards,
<business_name> Staff

💡 Tip: We advise you use email email notifications and only use text messages for unique cases. See SMS overage fees.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Notifications.

  2. Under the Patient tab, scroll down to Referral Notification.

  3. Under Email or SMS, click the gear icon next to the greyed out Default.
    A Customise Email or SMS notification window appears.

  4. You can modify the email or SMS title and content by clicking in the corresponding fields.

    💡 Tips:

    • To pull patient's demographics and clinic information into the message, click Add Variable and select a specific variable.
      The following variables are available: Patient Identification, Patient Name and Business Name.

    • There are various options to format the text. Make use of the options in the bar above the text box.

  5. Click Save.

⚠️ Important: CHR users get 1000 SMS (text) messages per month per paid licence. It is very easy to reach your monthly limit when sending text notifications, especially when they run over more than one SMS. See SMS (Text) overage fees update.

Created June 21, 2021

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