Overview of the referral functionality in the CHR

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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) includes a comprehensive and highly configurable referral feature that enables you to send and receive referrals, and track the status of referrals along the way.

Sending referrals

You can create and send referrals to providers in your clinic or providers outside your clinic right from a patient encounter. You can then manage and update your outgoing referrals from the Referrals dashboard (list) to ensure that staff can easily perform any tasks associated to sending referrals. For more information, see Outgoing referrals.

Receiving referrals

If your clinic receives referrals (internally or from external providers), you create an internal referral record for each received referral. You manage your incoming referrals from the Referrals dashboard (list). The CHR makes it easy for you to accept or reject the referral, triage and prioritize it, and manage referrals using waitlists for the various specialties. For more information, see Incoming referrals and Waiting lists.

Configuring your referral settings

You can customize your referral settings to meet the needs of your clinic and provider workflows. For example, you can customize your referral priorities and statuses, assign the required actions for each status, assign default letter templates to your referral statuses, and add custom fields to your referrals to capture unique referral data and patient data while you manage your referrals. For more information, see Referral settings.

Updated June 23, 2022

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