When patients owe money for no shows, products, or services billed to them directly, you can choose to show the amount they owe in the chart header.

When you click the Balance Due, the patient's billing summary opens. From here, you can view a summary of the patient's overdue private bills, make payments and bill additional private items.

📌 Note: This is a user-specific setting that is set by each user individually.


1. At the top of the main menu, click your avatar image.

2. Click Profile. Your Profile Settings opens.

3. Scroll down to the User Preferences area.

4. Under Balance Due On Patient Chart Visibility, choose to Show or Hide the amount owing in chart headers.

5. At the bottom of the User Preferences area, click Save Preferences.

6. Refresh your browser window for the changes to take effect.

Updated March 14, 2022

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