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Updating patient and referral data from a referral
Updating patient and referral data from a referral
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If you customised referrals to include custom patient data or referral data (see Adding patient data fields to referral items and Adding referral data fields to referral items), you can update the data points directly from a referral. For example, if past surgeries are important for your practice, you can enter and update this data point directly from the referral.

💡 Tip: You can sort your referrals by specific patient /referral data that is visible in your referral record. See Searching referrals for more details on how to filter the referrals list for patient/ referral data points.


  1. From a referral record that was configured to contain patient data/ referral data, click the specific data field you want to update.
    📌 Note: The patient/referral data property appears as a heading in grey and the data field(s) appears in blue under the property.

  2. Click the blue data field.
    The patient / referral data property window appears.

  3. Update the patient / referral data points.
    📌 Note: You can update all data fields under the specific property.

  4. Click Save.

Created July 26, 2021

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