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Managing clinic-wide frequent injections
Managing clinic-wide frequent injections
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To facilitate quick entry and ensure consistency across users, you can add frequently-used injections to a clinic-wide list of immunization and injection templates. When you record an injection, you can then select from this list, and some of the fields are auto-populated for you.

Maintaining a clinic-wide list of injections ensures consistent data entry which means you can run analytics reports on injections as well as pull injections into flowsheets and other areas of the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR).

If you no longer need a template you can archive it (and later restore it or permanently delete it).

💡 Tip: You can add new injections in Summary view, but you cannot edit, archive or delete them.


1. From the main menu click Settings > Injections or in Summary view, click to expand the Injections header . A list of active injection and immunzation templates appears.

2. To add a new injection, click Add Injection, or in Summery view, click the + icon to the right of the Injections header. The Edit Injection window opens.

💡 Tip: To edit an existing template, click it from the list.

3. Fill out the information for the injection. For more information, see Recording immunizations and injections.

Any information recorded in the template will be automatically populated when a user selects this injection to give to the patient, but they can make changes if necessary.

3. When you are done, click Save. The injection appears in the list, and you can see when it was added or updated.

4. To archive an injection template, next to the template name, click the trash icon.

The template is moved to the Archived list.

5. To restore an archived template, at the top of the Injection list, click Archived and then click the restore button for the template to restore.

6. To permanently delete an archived template, at the top of the Injection list, click Archived and then click the trash button for the template to delete. You must first archive a template to permanently delete it.

Updated August 14, 2023

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