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Viewing a patient's injections
Viewing a patient's injections
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From the Injections area of a patient's chart, you can view a list of injections and immunizations the patient has been given (either within your clinic or outside your clinic), as well as any archived injections. Refused injections also appear in this list.


1. Open the patient's chart.

2. In the Quick Menu or the Start/Open menu, choose Injections.

3. By default, the patient's Active injections are displayed. The list of active injections also includes any injections or immunizations that were offered to the patient, but refused.

💡 Tip: If an injection was refused, the Administered Date is the refused date.

4. To customize which columns are displayed in the list of injections, click the gear icon. By default, Name, Dosage, Administered Date, Injected By, Type, Created By, and Actions are displayed. After making your selections, click outside of the list to save your changes.

5. To sort by a column, click the column header. Injections are sorted alphabetically by name, by default. Click the column header a second time to reverse the sort order.

6. Select an injection to open it and see more information, and make any changes. For example, you may want to add comments about a patient's reaction after recording the initial injection.

7. To view archived injections (e.g. injections that were entered in error and archived), click the Archived tab.

Updated October 7, 2021

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