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Inviting others to existing messages
Inviting others to existing messages

How to include others in an ongoing conversation

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You can easily invite other users to join an ongoing conversation. This is helpful when you require input from individuals not originally included in the conversation. For example, a provider sends a message to the admin and the admin wants to add another user to the conversation since it applies to both of them. Or, a provider inquires about the status of a patient follow up from an admin and the admin adds the user who completed the request.


1. From the main menu, click Inbox and click the message where you want to add more users.

2. In the message window, click Invite.

The Invite Users window displays.

3. Click the Select Recipient field and search for and select the person you want to add to the conversation.

💡 Tip: To add more than one person to the conversation, click the Select Recipient field again to select another individual.

4. In the Invite Users window, click Invite. The selected user(s) are added to the conversation and will receive all future replies or notifications for this message.

💡 Tip: The message also shows the person you added.

5. When done, at the bottom, click Close or Mark Done according to your workflow.

Updated June 22, 2022

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