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Recording no known drug allergies
Recording no known drug allergies
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If a patient does not have any allergies or intolerances to medications, you should record this information in the patient’s chart. This way, it's easy to see if you haven't asked the patient about their allergies yet (Allergies section is empty) vs. you've asked them but they do not have any allergies. Also, when creating a prescription, you can see that the patient does not have any drug allergies.


1. In the patient's chart, from the Quick Menu or the Start/Open menu, click Allergies.

2. Select No known drug allergies at the top of the section.

📌 Note: if drug allergies have already been recorded for this patient, the option for No known drug allergies does not appear.

3. In the patient summary, the header Allergies (No Records Displayed) is updated to Allergies (NKDA). In the Allergies section of the chart, the button to add a new drug allergy disappears but you can still add non-drug allergies. See Recording patient allergies for more information.

Updated November 30, 2021

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