Once you've created message templates and set a quick action, you can quickly assign incoming faxes or documents to a default user. This provides a quick way of managing your inbox items.

📌 Note: To use quick actions, you must have configured them while creating message templates.

⚠️ Important: Only users with the Templates : Messages permission can create message templates. However, anyone can use them.


1. From the main menu, click Inbox.

2. Click the fax or document where you want to use a message template.

3. Click Quick Message and select the quick action.

📌 Note: The quick action displays the name of the recipient.

💡 Tip: While setting up a quick action for a message template, you can also select the Skip message dialog option to send the message to a recipient with a single click. For more information, see Creating message templates.

The New Message window displays with the recipient selected and the document attached.

4. Enter your message details (such as select additional recipients, add any attachments or mark message as urgent) and then click Submit.

Updated June 22, 2022

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