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Booking appointments in TELUS CHR Mobile
Booking appointments in TELUS CHR Mobile
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You can quickly book an appointment using TELUS CHR Mobile.


1. When viewing the schedule, select the + icon and then select Appointment to book a new appointment. Alternatively, press and hold on the timeslot on the schedule.

📌 Note: you can book appointments only in the schedule you are currently viewing.

2. Complete the details in the New Appointment window. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

📌 Note: if you created the appointment by pressing and holding the timeslot, the From and To times will be populated for you.

💡 Tip: to quickly find an appointment type, begin typing the name of the type in the Search appointment type field.

3. Like in the CHR, you can also add or edit any pre-visit Qnaires and scheduled reminders, change the notification settings, and view a history of this patient's appointments and diagnoses by selecting the corresponding tab at the top of the window.

4. When you are finished, select Create.

📌 Note: A warning may appear in certain circumstances, such as when the selected appointment type or provider is not normally available at that time. Select Skip to continue booking the appointment or select Close and adjust the appointment.

5. The Confirm Notifications window appears, where you can choose to send the notification or skip sending it.

6. A message appears that the appointment was created successfully.

Updated July 20, 2022

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