If your clinic is still in the process of implementing and migrating your data to the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you should avoid making changes to the data elements provided in the table during the following timelines:

  • Pre go-live data migration period

  • The data import period, and

  • Until all post go-live data migration activities are completed

⚠️ Important: Because data import or migration may take place over a number of weeks, during this period, you MUST avoid merging or archiving patients in CHR.

⚠️ Important: It's critical that you don’t make any changes to the following data elements. Any changes could negatively impact your data migration and timeline. If any changes are required, please contact your TELUS Health project manager.

Data element

Do not change


  • User accounts: adding or deleting users

  • User names: modifying user names, such as changing spelling or adding additional names

  • User groups

  • Active users

  • Inactive users

  • Billing numbers

  • License numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Electronic signatures: modifying e-signatures. If modified during data import, any imported documents, for example encounters or prescriptions, will include the original e-signature and any yet to be imported documents will include the new e-signature.


  • Identification: modifying names under Settings > Patient > Patient Identification

  • Status tags: modifying or deleting tags


  • Account name


  • Type: adding, deleting or modifying the name or spelling of existing appointment types

  • Status

  • Location name: any modification to the spelling


  • Type

  • Status: modifying names of existing statuses

  • Priority: changing referral priorities

  • Waitlist names

  • Any other referral data (if applicable)

Patient files

  • Categories or file tags: modifying existing file tags

  • Status tags

Patient data

⚠️ Important: Don't change data in your legacy or source system.

Updated March 6, 2022

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