📌 Note: PrescribeIT® is currently available only for TELUS CHR users in PEI. It is a beta feature, available to PEI prescribers in order to test and provide feedback. It will be more widely available once the beta period is complete.

Every e-prescription passes through a central switch called Shared Health Exchange before being delivered. This central switch does basic validation before sending the e-prescription to the recipient.

In this delivery path, there are 3 points where an error may occur:

  • Your Collaborative Health Record - if the e-prescription cannot be delivered to the central switch.

  • The Shared Health Exchange switch - if your prescription was delivered to the switch but cannot be processed.

  • The pharmacy - if they cannot receive the e-prescription from the switch.

The information below describes the errors you may encounter when using PrescribeIT®. Use the information here to recognize the errors and to understand how to resolve them.

Error when e-prescribing

If an e-prescription cannot be sent from the CHR at the time of prescribing, an error message appears after you click e-Sign & Send. In this case you should print or fax the prescription. This may occur if there is an issue with the format of the codified medication data fields within the e-prescription or the CHR does not receive an acknowledgement that the central switch received the message.

Message cannot be delivered to the pharmacy

If your e-prescription was sent to the Shared Health Exchange switch but then could not be delivered to the pharmacy (either electronically or faxed via PrescribeIT®), the provider who sent the e-prescription receives a message in their Inbox with the subject PrescribeIT® delivery failure. The message includes the details of the error, the pharmacy, the patient, and the medications.

Click View Prescription to open the prescription in the patient’s chart, and then print or fax it.

📌 Note: You cannot try resending the prescription via PrescribeIT® because each e-prescription has a unique ID and an error will appear that the ID was already used.

Updated July 29, 2022

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