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Enterprise API onboarding overview
Enterprise API onboarding overview

Steps for obtaining CHR Enterprise API access

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This document shows high-level details of Enterprise API onboarding. It helps you visualize what to expect between now and the enablement of the API.


1. Review CHR Enterprise API documentation and schema to:

  • validate that the functionality required is available.

  • understand the development effort required for your solution.

2. Decision point to move forward or end inquiry.

3. Request quote.


4. Review quote.

5. Decision point to accept the quote or end inquiry.

6. Complete the CHR Enterprise API Intake questionnaire to provide TELUS with:

  • a description of your solution (intended use, workflow, data categories).

  • disclosure of subcontractors.

  • indication if any privacy and security review has been completed.

7. Sign CHR Enterprise API contract/agreement (Schedule A is based on intake questionnaire).


8. Obtain sandbox domain credentials.

9. Develop integration using the API and test it for the sandbox domain.

10. Complete the Privacy & Security questionnaire:

  • required prior to production access.

  • used to determine if your solution meets TELUS’ requirements.

11. Implement any recommendations from the Privacy & Security review (if applicable).

12. Conduct end to end testing of the interface in the sandbox domain.

13. Request API access for production domain, assuming:

  • privacy & security review is complete and approved.

  • all development and testing is successfully completed.

Go Live

14. Receive confirmation the API is enabled in your production domain.

15. Configure your production environment with your production domain.

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