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CHR Release Notes - version 22.18
CHR Release Notes - version 22.18

September 27, 2022

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What’s new in the CHR

Improved medication search when prescribing

When you search for a medication to prescribe, you now get better search results. The results now show “starts with” matches first, followed by “contains” matches. For example, searching for “lant” now places “Lantus” above “Dilantin” in the search results.

When searching for a particular medication by its generic or ingredient name, you now find brand matches that include that specific ingredient. For example, if you search for enoxaparin (the ingredient name), you now see the brands that contain this, for example Lovenox, Noromby, and Inclunox.

Status column added to Social History

We added a Status column under Social History in the patient’s chart summary view and Health Profile. You no longer have to click individual social history entries to view the status; each entry's status is shown upfront.

Adding bullet points and numbering in your encounters

You can now add bullet points and numbered lists in your encounters' History, Assessment and Plan, and Examination sections. To add them to a specific area, click the bullet or the numbering icon in the updated formatting toolbar.

📌 Note: To stop the bullet points or numbering, you must click the bullet or numbering icon again. See Recording encounter notes for more information.

PEI: Accessing restricted patient records from Visits

In Prince Edward Island, you can now access a restricted patient directly from the Visits dashboard. You no longer need to navigate to the patient record first to “break the glass” and then back to the Visits dashboard. This is highly beneficial for front-end staff when they create bills for restricted patients.

PEI: Patient chart synced with Client Registry indicator

In Prince Edward Island, you can now see if and when a patient chart is synced with the Client Registry. You can see this when:

  • searching for a patient (a green check icon appears under the patient name), and

  • in the patient's chart header (a green Synced banner appears in the patient header).

To see when it was synced, hover over the icon or banner, and a message appears: Synced with the Client Registry <YYYY/MM/DD>.


  • When you add Off Time from the schedule, the time slot saves at the time you selected instead of an earlier time.

  • Anywhere in the CHR, you can now click the down arrow to open a drop-down list instead of having to click in the field.

  • When you create a prescription with multiple or consecutive dosages and remove one of the dose lines, the text that appeared in between the dose lines (then or and) no longer appears on the faxed or printed prescription.

  • Only users with the Batch billing update permission can change the status of insured claims in bulk.

  • You can create data slice templates again using the fixed New Template button.

  • For clinics with RBAC enabled, users can no longer see an appointment for a patient they do not have access to.

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