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Accessing eChart Manitoba from the CHR
Accessing eChart Manitoba from the CHR
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eChart Manitoba is a provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR). eChart Manitoba provides a patient's key health information, summarizing information such as dispensed prescriptions, lab results, immunizations and more, from various disparate systems. For more information and to sign up, see the eChart Manitoba website.

You can access eChart Manitoba from within the CHR by clicking the Echart button in the patient's chart. When you switch to a different patient's chart, you must click the button again to update the information in the eChart Manitoba window.

Before you can access eChart Manitoba, you must enter your Manitoba eHealth username and password. See Configuring the eChart Manitoba integration for more information.

📌 Note: If you do not have access to the eHealth network via VPN with your firewall, you cannot access eChart Manitoba from the CHR. When you click the Echart button another browser window will open but eChart Manitoba will not load.


1. From the dashboard view of the patient's chart, click the Echart button.

2. The Manitoba Echart Search window opens, displaying the patient's demographic information. Click Search.

💡 Tip: By default, archived eChart Manitoba records are not included. To search for this patient even if the chart is archived, select Yes.

3. A separate browser tab opens and the matching patients in eChart Manitoba are displayed. Select the appropriate patient and click Open Selected Patient.

4. The patient's chart in eChart Manitoba opens. Select a category from the menu on the left to view that information.

5. Leave the eChart Manitoba window open (you can minimize it) until you log out of the CHR. When you open a different patient's chart in the CHR, click the Echart button to view that patient's information in eChart Manitoba (the patient displayed in eChart Manitoba will not update automatically when you switch patients in the CHR).

6. When you log out of the CHR, you are also logged out of eChart Manitoba. Close the eChart web browser window.

📌 Note: You are also logged out of eChart Manitoba after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Updated November 17, 2022

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