You can quickly view and manage your inbox items from TELUS CHR Mobile.


1. Select Inbox from the main menu.

2. Select an inbox item to view.

3. To reply to a message, select the reply icon.

4. To action an inbox item, select the three dots at the top right of your screen.

5. A new window pops up with the following options:

📌 Note: Remove Participant only displays when there is more than one member in the conversation.



Mark Done

Select to mark the item as done (e.g to indicate that you’ve dealt with the inbox item).

The item disappears from your inbox.

Mark Urgent / Unmark Urgent

Select to mark an inbox item as urgent.

A red flag appears next to the sender's name and a red Urgent banner appears next to the title.

💡 Tip: To remove the Urgent banner, select the message, select the three dots at the top and select Unmark Urgent.

Invite Participant

Select to invite participant(s) or group.

A Recipient window opens. Search for or select the checkboxes for the participants you want to invite and select Invite

Remove Participant

Select to remove participant(s) or group.

A Remove Participant window opens. Select the checkboxes for the participants you want to remove and select Remove.


Select Unsubscribe to stop receiving inbox replies related to the inbox item.


Select Close to mark the task as done for all involved parties.

⚠️ Important: This step is irreversible.

6. To action an inbox item with an attachment, you have more options available.



Mark Done

Marking an item as reviewed records that you have seen it.

Select the purple checkmark and the Mark Reviewed icon turns green with a checkmark. The inbox item is automatically marked Done.

📌 Note: You can only undo a review or unmark an inbox item as Done in the CHR, not on the mobile app.

Attach to a Patient

If a file comes in without a patient attached, you can create a patient file (see Adding patients in TELUS CHR Mobile) or search an existing patient (see Search for patients in TELUS CHR Mobile).


Provides an overview of the uploaded file including File Name, Description, Owner, Tags, Abnormal count, Date, Uploaded Date, and Last Reviewed At.


Three options are available to share the inbox item with another CHR user or the patient.

  • Forward the inbox item to a CHR user

  • Create a new message

  • Send a message to the patient.

Updated: November 9, 2022

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