You can easily attach a patient to a file uploaded to TELUS CHR Mobile inbox.


  1. Select Inbox from the main menu.

  2. Open the inbox item and at the top, select File is not attached to any patient.

  3. You have two options: Create Patient or Search Patient.

  4. To add a patient, select Create Patient. A New Patient window appears.

    a) Input the required information and select Create.

    b) The file is attached to the patient chart. See Adding patients in TELUS CHR Mobile.

  5. To find a patient, select Search Patient. A Patient window appears.

    a) Choose the criteria to search for the patient or select a patient under All Patients.

    b) Select Assign to assign the file to the patient. See Searching for patients in TELUS CHR Mobile.

Updated November 10, 2022

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