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Viewing encounters in TELUS CHR Mobile
Viewing encounters in TELUS CHR Mobile
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You can view draft and signed Encounters for a specific patient using TELUS CHR Mobile.

📌 Note: Encounters in TELUS CHR Mobile are read-only; you cannot add or update data from Encounters at this time.


1. Select the Patients icon from the main menu, and then search for and select a patient. For more information, see Searching for patients in TELUS CHR Mobile.

2. To view the interactions for a patient, select Encounters.

3. The list of draft and signed encounters is displayed. Select an encounter to open it.

4. For draft encounters, empty sections are greyed out.

5. For signed encounters, sections without content are collapsed.

6. Viewing encounter details:

Section header



View finished and queued Qnaires.


View encounter templates entered and tables inserted into the encounter.


View examination details and vitals entered.

Assessment and plan

View assessment and plan as well as diagnosis codes added.


View prescriptions created.


View details of forms or attachments without the ability to make changes or add attachments.


View encounter referrals.


View details of injections without the ability to make changes or add injections.

Automated follow-up

View automated follow-ups attached to encounters.

Billing items

View draft billing items.

Addendums (signed encounters only)

Click +Add Addendum to create new addendum.

Updated February 3, 2023

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